How to make more money this year

We all want to make more money, and do well in life. Unfortunately life often doesn’t work out like that. For many of us we get stuck in a job, the same position in that job for years or even a lifetime without ever being promoted or receiving any of type of extra reward, even though we work extremely hard.

There must be an easy way to get ahead? Right?

The answer is simple- you need to shift your thinking from being paid for the hours you work, to a realisation that you actually get paid for your value to the business or the market place your in. I said simple- not easy.

You need to realise time is more important than money. You can not get any more time than the the hours given to us each day, but you can always get more money.

You need to understand that your pay is in direct proportion to your service. If you want more pay then you need to increase your service.

If you want to start getting more money from your job then you need to start working out ways you can add more value to your organisation or enterprise. Start to think of ways of specialising in your current field, become an expert. The minute you start working on your skills and using those new skills in your marketplace then you will start increasing your bank balance- guaranteed.

How do you increase your skills did I hear you say?

You increase your skills by reading books, finding a mentor, developing a working life philosophy and attending seminars and conferences.

If you can follow these tips then I guarantee your bank balance will certainly go up drastically in the future.

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Motivational Quote

One of my favourite motivational quotes that inspires me every day comes from my mentor Jim Rohn. Jim Rohn has guided my leadership journey for the past 10 years, helping me become a principal class member of a large secondary school in Australia.

Don’t wish for things to be easier, wish to be better.

Don’t wish for things to be simpler, ask to be wiser.      – Jim Rohn

When I first stepped up to a leadership role within a large secondary school, I was faced with many challenges and difficult situations. At the time these difficult situations really pushed me and stretched my level of ability to cope. I wished and preyed at times that these hard times would stop and I wished that things slowed down and got easier- How wrong was I!!!

I soon realised that every day more and more challenging things just kept coming my way. I soon realised that if you want to be successful in leadership and if you want to climb to new heights of responsibility and pay you need to get better. I realised that I needed to improve and that I needed to get wiser.

When it comes down to it, you really get paid for your value to the market place. If you want to get more pay, then you need to become more valuable to the market place.

How did I became more valuable to the education system? I became more valuable to the education system by finding a mentor, I read and studied books and constantly set challenging goals to achieve.

Never ask for things to be easier, always ask for more skill and ability!

How to improve exam results in 2018

Improving exam results can be easy if you follow my simple tips and techniques on how to store new information in the brain.

If you can understand how your brain stores information and then use this knowledge to your advantage in exam preparation, then I guarantee you will start improving your exam and test results.

The brain is very complex, but for our purposes we can break it down into two distinct areas: the working memory and permanent memory.

The working memory is where we park all the information we are processing and working through. This is where all the information we get in lectures and classes goes. This information is in our brain, but will not be retained. Within hours or days this vital information will be lost forever from the brain if we do not put it into the permanent memory.

The permanent memory is where we need to put all the valued information we need for exams and tests. Once we have the information in the permanent memory we will be able to recall the learned materials whenever you need it- yes in tests and exams. Think about riding a bike, once you learn how to ride a bike and regularly practice riding, you will never forget. You may not ride a bike for 20 years, but the moment you do after all that time it will all come flowing back and you will find yourself riding a bike again. Simple!

Take home message- you need information in the permanent memory to excel in tests and exams and this information needs to come from the working memory.

How do we get this information across to the permanent memory from the working memory I hear you ask??

Learned material needs to move from your working memory to permanent memory through a very deliberate sequence of study techniques and it takes time. If you do not understand how to move this information across to the permanent memory using these study techniques you will never do well in tests and exams. No matter how hard you study or try, if you don’t understand how the brain moves information from the working memory to permanent memory then you will never improve your exam results.

One of the simplest techniques that is proven to move information from the working memory to the permanent memory, that I have used over the past 20 years as an educator to improve our brains capacity to store permanent information is the 10-24-7 model.

10:24:7 Model

Spend 10 minutes of revision going over the content you need to learn. Use study tips like summaries, chunking information, brainstorming , mindmaps and quickwrites for example.

Every 24 hours spend 10 minutes revising the content you wish to learn for the next 7 days. It’s that simple!!

10– spend 10 minutes revising

24– every 24 hours, revise for 10 minutes

7– every 24- hours, spend 10 minutes revising over the next 7 days

It is that simple. Start using the 10-24-7 model today and start moving stored information from the working memory to the permanent memory and you too will start drastically improving your exam results and start being in the top 5% of your class.

Please leave a comment below about your favourite revision technique or email me a question on what you would like me to address regarding exam preparation.

Exam tips for 2018

If you want to improve exam and test results this year you need to understand and apply the 10:24:7 study tip to your study plan this year.

The number 1 study tip that I have seen improve test and exam results repeatedly over the past 20 years is the 10:24:7 model.

If you need to learn a new topic or new content, then there is only one proven way to do that and that is the 10:24:7 model.

What is the 10:24:7 model?

10:24:7 model is a technique you use to store information into the brain through a consistent approach to study or revision. If you are trying to learn new content from a lesson you have just had, it will take time to commit this learning into the brain. This is where the 10:24:7 model comes in.

Take this new learning and spend just 10 minutes going over this new material. Repeat this 24 hours later for the next 7 days and you will successfully learn and commit this new learning to your brain. This new information will then be learnt and embedded in the brain ready to use in tests and exams. This simple tip will certainly improve your test marks and outcomes.

If you are currently in year 11 and 12, or at university you can’t afford not to give this technique a go.

Share your favourite revision technique and leave a comment. If you want to know more about how to improve exam and test results please leave a comment below and I will address them in future articles.

How to improve exam results this year

One of the most important things about exam preparation is actually understanding what the examiner is looking for in the test and exam. Without understanding what the examiner is looking for, you will never be successful, no matter how well you plan and prepare.


Let me give you an example- there are always a hand full of students in every class who for no apparent reason always get mediocre test and exam results. These students are always attentive in class, diligent in their note taking and do plenty of homework. Why is it then that they never excel in tests and exams?

The answer to the question why these students don’t do well on their tests and exams is because they don’t understand what is expected of them in a test or exam, or to put it another way, they didn’t understand what the examiner is looking for.


You need to talk to your teacher or lecturer about the layout of the exam. Ask questions like how much time should I spend on each question, where am I expected to show working out, where do I need to put a diagram etc.


Practice old exam papers regularly and make an appointment to sit down with your teacher and go over a random selection of questions you have answered. If you are not getting 100% for each question, ask the question- what do I need to do to get 100% for this question? Often the answer to this question is as simple as a diagram, or not enough information or lack of working out.


Once you fully understand what is expected of you in an exam you will be on your way to excelling in exams.


So take note: Always understand what the examiner is looking for in a test or exam. Ask your teacher or lecturer what is expected to achieve top marks and you too will start achieving great results too.


What do you want to know more about regarding exam preparation? Leave a comment or email me your question or comment.

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