How to make more money this year

We all want to make more money, and do well in life. Unfortunately life often doesn’t work out like that. For many of us we get stuck in a job, the same position in that job for years or even a lifetime without ever being promoted or receiving any of type of extra reward, even though we work extremely hard.

There must be an easy way to get ahead? Right?

The answer is simple- you need to shift your thinking from being paid for the hours you work, to a realisation that you actually get paid for your value to the business or the market place your in. I said simple- not easy.

You need to realise time is more important than money. You can not get any more time than the the hours given to us each day, but you can always get more money.

You need to understand that your pay is in direct proportion to your service. If you want more pay then you need to increase your service.

If you want to start getting more money from your job then you need to start working out ways you can add more value to your organisation or enterprise. Start to think of ways of specialising in your current field, become an expert. The minute you start working on your skills and using those new skills in your marketplace then you will start increasing your bank balance- guaranteed.

How do you increase your skills did I hear you say?

You increase your skills by reading books, finding a mentor, developing a working life philosophy and attending seminars and conferences.

If you can follow these tips then I guarantee your bank balance will certainly go up drastically in the future.

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