Exam tips for 2018

If you want to improve exam and test results this year you need to understand and apply the 10:24:7 study tip to your study plan this year.

The number 1 study tip that I have seen improve test and exam results repeatedly over the past 20 years is the 10:24:7 model.

If you need to learn a new topic or new content, then there is only one proven way to do that and that is the 10:24:7 model.

What is the 10:24:7 model?

10:24:7 model is a technique you use to store information into the brain through a consistent approach to study or revision. If you are trying to learn new content from a lesson you have just had, it will take time to commit this learning into the brain. This is where the 10:24:7 model comes in.

Take this new learning and spend just 10 minutes going over this new material. Repeat this 24 hours later for the next 7 days and you will successfully learn and commit this new learning to your brain. This new information will then be learnt and embedded in the brain ready to use in tests and exams. This simple tip will certainly improve your test marks and outcomes.

If you are currently in year 11 and 12, or at university you can’t afford not to give this technique a go.

Share your favourite revision technique and leave a comment. If you want to know more about how to improve exam and test results please leave a comment below and I will address them in future articles.

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