Leadership Advice-Follow your own path

Have you ever wondered why successful people are always successful and always have good luck? People describe these people as having the magic touch! Have you ever asked yourself why? Is it luck, were they born lucky or have they created their own luck?

To answer the statement as to why successful people always have the magic touch, first ask yourself why do so many people fail to achieve greatness in such abundant times? Why do so many people retire with nothing? The answer is simple- We try to conform.

The problem with conformity is we are following the wrong people. We are following the 95% of people who have no aspirations, have no money, or have any real idea about where they are going in life.

Quote of the day:

Don’t go where there is a path, go where there is no path and leave a trail.

leadership advice- Follow your own path to success

If you study successful people closely and study what they do and did in their life you will find they didn’t follow others and in deed made their own path and left a trail for others to follow. Think Nelson Mandela, Michael Jordan and even Michael Jackson. These people were all very successful people and saw the world differently to others. None of them were born into fame or wealth, they had to create their own way and they didn’t do it by following someone else’s blueprint.

If you want to be successful, start thinking differently to the 95% of people around us who are not successful and start going down your own path to success and leaving crumbs for others to follow.

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