Should Schools Ban Homework?

Should schools ban homework? Is it really worth the fight and aggression getting your children to do homework each night? If you are asking these questions every day and getting no answers, then read on and discover the truth about homework.

There is lots of evidence and research out there that suggests there is little benefit to doing homework at a primary school and early secondary level. Rigorous homework programs for children at primary school and early secondary levels are really a waste of time and not really worth the fight each night with your kids.

At these early levels of schooling it has been proven that the improvement in academic outcomes is minimal when they are forced to do lots of homework. It is really not worth the effort for the reward.

Is homework valueable
Should we ban homework?

I have been in education for 20 years and am currently a principal class member of a large regional school. I believe in the findings that homework at these early levels is not worth the effort for such little results, however I do believe in students spending time at home reading and getting organised for school.

There is a strong correlation between kids who read and kids who succeed in life. I believe that we should find ways to get our children reading and learning to love reading. This is where we can really make a difference in their future, not forcing kids to do pointless homework that is really not relevant.

As a parent I have the philosophy that I pay my children to read books for pocket money- not getting money for chores around the house. I have the stance that if they want to earn some money at home, then all they have to do is read a book. My kids have developed a love of reading and became great readers in a very short amount of time by our family adopting this stance on reading. As a result of their prolific reading, my wife and I are much poorer!!!! but more importantly, our children are thriving at school as a result I believe. My oldest child at the age of 12 red The Diary of Anne Frank as their first book for money many years ago. I recall tears running down the cheeks as the final page was red and a life long love of reading was created. My child earned $5 for reading that book at the time.

Check out my article on the importance of children reading here.

Homework however, is very important at a middle to late secondary school level and the reward for homework is definitely worth it and really should be a key focus if improved academic outcomes are desired. Check out my articles on homework and study tips here.

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