Effective study tips- My top 4 tips for success in 2018

These are my 4 top tips for improving your exam results this year.

 1. Consistency is key


We are creatures of habit. What are your habits?

To get great exam results requires a consistent approach to work habits like study and revision. Like all of life’s endeavors consistency is what makes the difference, think of weight loss and fitness. Studying for exams is no different.


Set yourself time each day to study. Make this a consistent routine. Some people prefer to get up early and study, some prefer the afternoon and some prefer the night. Whatever you time you prefer, stick to it.


Your brain can only absorb so much information at any one time. This is where consistency matters. Over time, with consistency your brain will absorb far more than a ‘cramming session’. As little as 10minutes each night is better than none.

 2. Summaries

Summaries are so important for improving retention of information and improving your test and exam results. If you are in year 11 and 12 or at university this year and you are not using the power of summaries, you better start today.



At the end of every lesson or class you have put a summary at the bottom of your page. A summary is a collection of the most important pieces of information you have learned during the lesson. It may be quotes, important phrases, key words or theories. The summary should not be very long and should only contain the most relevant key pieces of information. Forget about grammar and punctuation for your summary as it is for your eyes only.


Go over your lesson notes with a highlighter and highlight the key pieces of information, pieces of information you feel are key and important. This will help you with your summary and memory retention.



Summaries are also great as a homework tool. Once you get home and are ready to do some study, try going over your summary from the lesson you had earlier. Highlight key parts of the summary and see if you can even reduce the summary even further.

study picture

3. Repetition


Repetition is key for memory retention. The more you connect with a piece of information you are learning the better the chance of remembering it and improving your exam results. You need to connect with a piece of learning a minimum of 7-10 times over a period of 7 days to really commit this learning to your permanent memory. Once the learning is in your permanent memory you will have it ready to use in an exam. This tip will guarantee that you will be in the top 10% of your class.

Click this link to read more about how the brain stores information.


Different ways you can connect with the learning material to use the power of repetition is through summaries as I mention above, or with quizzes, quickwrites, mindmaps, try and teach the material to a friend or family member, or just read over your notes and re-write them. Whatever your chosen method, be sure to connect with that learning over at least 7 days and your results will go through the roof.



4. Walking


I have given you 3 amazing tips to prepare for the big exam that are certain to dramatically improve your exam result. The final tips I can give you comes the day of the exam. I highly recommend taking a refreshing walk for 20-30 minutes, 1-hour before your exam and do not spend any time thinking about the exam in your head. Do not think about the exam to come, do not try to revise any content the day of the exam. You are ready and already prepared if you have used the tips above. You need to relax and walk. Walking has proven to increase your brains blood flow by at least 20%. This means that your brain is ready and fired up to do well in the exam.


If you follow the tips above, I guarantee you will blitz your exams this year. If there is anything you want to know more about exam and study tips please leave a comment or email me on educatingtheway@gmail.com.

Please click on the link to read more articles on how to improve exam results, or visit my website www.educatingtheway.com to read more.

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