Why is reading important?

How important is it for my child to do reading every night?

What benefits are there to my child reading every night?

girl reading

These are often asked questions from parents to school teachers the world over. The answer is a definite yes, you can’t afford to let your child miss their 20 minutes of reading every night at primary school.

A study in the 90’s by Nagy and Herman had some very startling results supporting the importance of reading every night by primary school students.

Findings from their study found that if a student reads for just 20 minutes each day, this equates to 3600 minutes of reading in a school year. The benefits of this reading put the student in the top 90th percentile for student outcomes.

WOW, Just 20 minutes of reading every night adds up and has some amazing outcomes.

In comparison, a student who reads for 5 minutes every night equates to the equivalent of 900 minutes in a school year. This child is in the 50% percentile for their age equivalent student outcomes.

A student who reads for just 1 minute per day is in the bottom 10th percentile for age equivalent student outcomes.

So if you want your child to thrive in school then you cant afford to miss out on their 20 minutes of reading.

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